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    I’ve often commented that we are at or near the plateau of development for digital cameras, with improvements being smaller and smaller with each new model but I had not realised that some excellent examples of this are easily found.

    Sony have just introduced the latest version of their RX100 compact camera. It is the mark 6. The thing is that all the earlier models are still available. It almost represents a new strategy; offer new features in a new model at a high price (the 6 is £1100) but keep making all the old ones!

    Reading about the 6 I was very impressed with what they have packed into a tiny package but the new features mainly interest the video enthusiast. I have only a casual interest in video and wasn’t too interested in a longer zoom at the expense of a slower lens. The 2015 Mk3 offered everything I wanted and is on offer at 33% cashback.

    At the PAGB PDI Championships last Saturday the Sony stand had 10% discounts via Cameraworld (a company I have dealt with numerous times) on various models, including the Mk3. I ordered one but, not surprisingly, there is a backlog of orders and I may have to wait a while.

    Obviously I will be a much worse photographer with only a 1″ sensor (!)

    All this made me think – I would still be quite happy with my 2009 Canon 5DMk2 as a main camera had I not decided to save my back by switching to Fujifilm.




    Mk 111—–E-INFINITY   on-line   379 pounds and in stock. (Usa tablet–no pound sign)>



    Bet John is right that we are at the top of the hill with camera”s———-and what a massive change in my lifetime. Could the big tweak now be the end of the mirror and pentaprism—Nikon mirrorless soon. Much the same with me re the video element, handy it is there but its concept would not come into the reckoning when choosing a camera. My latest acquisition the Nikon P900 with a tiny sensor but a massive lens was unimaginable just a few years ago. Many years ago (1950″s    –shhhh)  I suppose I was doing much the same thing. Using the still sought after Selfix 120 with Ross Express 105mm   lens–but only enlarging the negative in my 35mm enlarger,   just a 35mm section of the 120 negative. Great for portraits.—-Not sure who if any would agree with me, but if cameras are at the top of the hill, then our computers are still at the bottom with a long way to climb. My desk top is pretty good. But I rate them now with an Austin 7 in the late 30,s. Time to warm up—-slow to go–sudden stops and all the rest- pull the choke out.  Long way to go.  

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