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    Do you think this image  has too many distractions, as the red berries in the hedge are taking away from the main event. I have de saturated the background slightly

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    I suppose the short answer is, yes. You could lose a lot at the top. ( if the berries were evenly distributed I would probably not say that).

    Whatever you might say it shows the waxy feather tips which give the bird it’s name, beautifully.



    As suggested by Pete I have cropped the image a bit tighter and de saturated the background a little more.  It has helped but I dont think it will be a top image.


    Ian McNab

    Mmm… the desaturation now feels a bit odd, as the difference between the colour of the berry in the bird’s bill and other berries on roughly the same plane is too noticeable to be convincing. And it’s the riot of colour in your first version that makes the picture so vibrant and dynamic. I think this may be a no-win: do you want a beautiful photograph or a competition shot? (I know which I’d prefer! 😉 )



    Thank you for the comments. With reflection you are right Ian the image is now unbelievable in the colour rendition and totally un natural.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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