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    I’ve sent an email to everyone about this.

    You could reply here if you wish so everyone (potentially), can see the responses.

    We cannot update our CS4 after the end of this year. But do we need CS6? it will cost nearly £200 to update and then we will have the same decision again, possibly in 3 years time – of course they could change the goalposts in the meantime.


    Ian McNab

    Your email indicates that, as a Society, we have hardly used our present version in the past, and don’t foresee our needing the latest PS in the future. So it’s hard to justify the expense of keeping up with Adobe’s upgrades to its software for professional photographers, especially when the majority of us – the members of CPS – don’t own or use it.

    Just my two penn’orth!




    3 people have replied so far and they all agree that leaving it and not updating would be their decision.

    We only use PS for the demo evenings and we would only ever need CS6 if we were going to demonstrate one of its exclusive features. Since the exclusive features become more and more advanced all the time it beomes less and less likely that we would need it.

    We have not suffered in the least from not having CS5. Moving from CS to CS4 may have been worthwhile because CS3 onwards have Camera Raw, which we might like to demonstrate.

    Anyone coming to do a demo would be asking for trouble relying on the clubs copy anyway  as it may well be set up differently. I would expect anyone offering such a lecture would bring their own machine – as Tremaine did the other week. In the unlikely event that someone did need us to have our copy of CS6, 7,8 we could either download a trial or simply ask someone else to give us a talk!

    What software to demonstrate is a problem and I have tended to use PSE since some people only have that and PS subsumes it. How many are going to want to spend a lot of time looking at processes which are very advanced? We could only really entertain doing that if we split into groups anbd the person leading the “advanced” group would probably use their own copy of –whatever.

    If I wanted to demonstrate TOPAZ software for example, I would expect to use my own machine.

    More people are now discovering the delights of Lightroom. It does everything you want to a single image or batch of images and costs only £80-100. Most of the limitations of Lightroom are covered by having PSE as well. In the last few months members have had the chance to buy both these for little over £100.

    Our copy of PS originates in 2003, when it was purchased using grant money. It was updated a couple of years back to CS4. I doubt we would have spent £600 of our “own” money!

    Having said all that a large number of members do have PS, but as I’ve said above, do we need the very latest version to demonstrate?

    (I think Ian may have revised his post while I was writing this but it does clarify things anyway!!!)



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    No it will be money wasted. Lets face it te last couple if times it has been used know wine really knew how to use it anyway. If you have CS4 you can show a demo. I have CS5 and use it more than PSE10 but I like to have it plus I have Lightroom but never e really used it. Maybe a talk about the differences would b handy with a couple if demos.


    meg cumming

    As you say John they move the goalposts so you keep having to update. Ah Capitalism at its best!.  Its always going to be the next gadget that you need, then another add on comes along and I think you have to say to yourself, do I really need this just for the slightly different way of tweaking your image? I suppose you could liken it to buying a car as soon as you drive it off the forecourt it depriecates right away.

    I’m still using PSE8 and am happy with that, problably because I’m still in the infancy of computer editing of photos. So for myself to keep trying to update to the most current edition of any software would be a bit silly for me at present. But will probably love to have lightroom. Though if I’m serious about going to use Raw rather than just the jpeg settings on my camera, I am going to have use some sort of editing software to cope with it. Thankfully this is where the members and the club comes in handy for knowledge and help in pointing me and others in the right direction.



    I echo the other views on here and also think that upgrading Photoshop is an unnecessary expensive for the amount of time we actually use it.

    As you might have noticed from some of my other posts, I’m an advocate of using open source software. So, if we have a RAW file for a camera not supported by PS4 then we can always open it in an open source RAW converter such as RAWTHERAPEE and PHOTOVIA. Might be worth having a copy of one of those on the club laptop?



    Thanks for all your replies. I must have a dozen or so that say – don’t bother!

    We’ve saved nearly £200 to spend on something else!

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