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    24 November 2016 and we have a new uploader!

    You can now upload an image into a posting as easily as you can imagine – just press the little picture icon and away you go!

    BUT do remember that anything bigger than 650p wide cannot display on a phone and using big images (several megabytes) will use too much space on our server and be slow to load.

    We suggest using 1400p x 1050p sRGB jpegs as your starter images and then tell it to make them 650p wide when the sizing box comes up.

    If your picture is portrait orientation consider making it 650p HIGH in the dialog box.

    (You experts; if you are concerned about security and appearance, still make the image 650p and compressed to less than 100k before you upload and include a copyright note if you wish).

    Enjoy, (and thanks Peter for arranging this)

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