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    Putting this here so as not to override just now the important points John makes in ” Kit Chat” re Windows 10. This subject is a good example how all could benefit exchanging experiences with Windows 10. Still however– (Not a rant Peter!!) not enough members participate. John described some months ago the serious problems when downloading W10 and gives a warning again now. Google W10 problems and you could sit up all night reading. I do not have computer knowledge other than make it work for what I do. Also my demands on W10 are limited to very basic use. So maybe I am not challenging it to cause me problems. So I will briefly describe my slant and maybe others will join in. In fact it crossed my mind if there were a section on the forum dedicated to W10. Selling Kit could perhaps make way for it. Now I did not get W10 by design. When I had a new computer built it came in the package–to my horror. This at the time of W10 landing. However the guy from whom this was my second computer transferred everything over–pics–programmes-edit suites–documents everything transferred perfect—and as long as I did not lose my doggy pics–what else matters anyway. So it was a challenge becoming familiar and that took time and simply getting stuck in. Since I have only experienced two problems. Early days the “Start Button ” failed often. Secondly from a more recent update I can no longer select a photo ( OPEN WITH) in W10 Photo”s and click it to open in my edit suite. That is no problem as I note the file name /number and open in Serif what you call Photoshop etc. However I did Google how to bring back the option—looking halfway through the procedure and not being a rocket scientist I gave up. Otherwise no other problems.W10 will do so much more than I will ever need but I do find things like —Multi- Task—Touch screen-Contana are great. One warning I pick up is as the updates increase my computer will not have the capacity to accommodate. So that’s my opening pitch -if there is anyone out there to follow we might crack some problems together.



    Also could not understand why the DVD did not work with W10. Discovered it is not in the package but only cost about a fiver and that’s ok. Also I use APACHE free down load for all the simple office stuff I need–actually paid a fiver to have it on disc–but what more do you need. Also my WI Printer works well–no probs.



    I don’t claim to understand today’s computers. I probably lost touch a little after writing a wages program in Basic about 1985 for someone. Our school was one of the first to get a BBC computer. (What an immense amount we got out of 64K). I did know that Microsoft were determined to get everyone over to W10 as it no doubt had many inbuilt features which supported what is beginning to be called surveillance capitalism plus many “features” and fripparies which the mature user has no need for.

    Unlike Apple, who control who is allowed to sell software for their machines, Microsoft let anybody in, which is the reason why Microsoft is cheaper but less secure. It also makes the software running on your machine a terribly complex combination. The idea that they could superimpose a new operating system on top of that, on everyone’s machine was bullying or foolish, depending on what you think their true motives were .

    I held out for at least the full year that W10 was available for free. I never wanted to change but recognised that, in the end, I would have to. I tried it first on my laptop which I used very little at the time and had no unique files on it. It slowed the machine down but did seem to work. Since the club laptop is newer and has very little on it I next risked an installation on that and, again, it slowed things down but seemed the install more satisfactorily.

    When I risked installing on my desktop it virtually broke it. It ran, but with much reduced speed and many features did not work. It was a disaster. I had to employ Darbro to sort it. They couldn’t install W10 either and they re-installed W7, which ran like a dream. It was so good to get back to that, W10 offers nothing I am interested in.

    Now we all face the end of support for W7 – about the middle of January 2020. I do believe that W10 MUST work on a new machine because they are still in business.

    The laptop just got slower and  eventually I tried the re-install button. It keeps your files safe but you lose all your applications as the operating system is refreshed. This did make it tolrrable again but was quite a task.

    The club machine seems OK but then it is only used to run Dicentra on competition evenings.

    I recently learned that Microsoft are still trying to roll out W10 safely by controlling which machines it will download to, avoiding known clashes and it could be that later downloads worked better. It was pot luck.

    If I remember correctly Ken installed W10 before me and your experiences will depend on how long you waited.

    We stalwart W7ers now have until January guaranteed safe use of our operating system, surely the best one Microsoft ever had.

    BTW do you realise that the main support for W10 finishes next year? You then have a further 5 years of security support so, if I buy a new  W10 computer now W10 will not survive the life of the machine.



    Pete Robinson

    Thanks for the warnings and advice. I must be quite lucky as I haven’t had many problems with Windows 10. I know a few people who have and are still having problems with it. I think part of the problem is that as machines get more powerful software producers write their programs to make more of the resources. Unless the user upgrades to a more power device their existing machine finds it difficult to cope.

    I would like to have a rant at Adobe. They kept nagging me to upgrade Lightroom and I kept saying “No”. One day I loaded LR and it took about 20 minutes to load and I discovered it had upgraded itself without any warning. Not only that, but all my customised settings and presets had been set back to the defaults and I had to recreate them. A similar thing happened to PhotoShop. I keep being tempted to trying Affinity.

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