Crewe Photographic Society meet at Crewe’s Lifestyle Centre in Moss Square. The map shows where it is.

Parking is free in the car park under the old Library, where we used to meet, in the evenings. Entry is from Crewe St. Alternatively there is a car park in Oak Street not too far away.

The post code is CW1 2BB. Your satnav may not recognise this, you may be better using the old Library post code of CW1 2DH to get to the car park.

Enter through the main doors, visible from the entrance to the old Library car park, and turn left, go past the new Library entrance and into the corridor through the double doors, we are third room on the right.

Meetings start at 7.45pm with doors open at 7.30pm.

See the map and safety warning below.


Safety Note:

Please note that exiting the car park on foot by way of the path alongside the police station, there is a poorly lit step at the end of the building which can be easily missed in the dark.