This week we spent some time looking more closely at the work submitted for the last print competition. Members valued being able to examine the work closely and some very thoughtful comments could be heard around the room.

We then moved on with Ian McNab to look at visual design and the work of some highly respected photographers such as Robert Frank, Gary Winogrand and Joel Meyerowitz whose work explores picture making which is unique to the camera rather than following structures familiar to artists. Robert Frank, in his book “The Americans” made America wake up to what they were, or had become, Meyerowitz explored the infinite possibilities for putting a frame round a street scene, Gary Winogrand was author to many enticing ideas about what photography is.  Ian finished with some colour work (by David Alan Harvey, Alex Webb and Gueorgui Pinkhassov) some showing remarkable colour harmony and others providing endless fascination in complex pictures which play on perspective.

Members will get a link by email to the illustrations Ian used. We are very fortunate to have Ian open up for us a whole way of seeing which has influenced street photography for decades. Also, the principles of visual design he has outlined can be extremely useful to have in mind when composing pictures both at the taking and the making stage.

During our break Bob Brown demonstrated a flash trigger system which he has just acquired which is very inexpensive (£20, Amazon) and yet serves the basic use most of us might need of firing a flash remotely. It is the Yongnuo wireless flash trigger.