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    Tom Seaton

    Interesting comments and proposal, Wallace.


    First some figures based on last year’s competition entries 2011-2012.

    40 members competed in total.

    17 in PDi competitions only

    2 in Print only competitions

    21 in both PDI and Print competitions


    10 in Mono Print competitions.


    So a disparity does exist (at least last season) between PDI only and Print competitors in the number of images exposed to a Judge’s comments.

    As Wallace says, 9 in League but also a further 3 in Annual competition for PDI only entrants making 12 for a full entry.


    For Print workers the same numbers apply but for Colour plus Mono prints. So for a full entry, league and Annual, 12 for Colour and a further 12 for Mono, making a prospective total of 24.

    Then there’s the possibility of an additional 6 for a full portrait entry.


    That’s a substantial quantity of comment which is not always of a substantial quality!


    However, do we need to change much in our competition arrangements to fill the gap?

    A considerable measure of advice and help can be obtained by assessing a Judge’s evaluation of images other than your own. I know it’s not the same as having your image dissected before everyone but it can help.


    Anyway, as Ken says, it’s the fun and pleasure of presenting images for others to look at not the points chasing or what the Judges think!


    The notable feature of last year’s figures above is the abysmal number of members who entered Monochrome images. This is the area we should be concentrating on.

    We, CPS, have a reputation for producing fine Monochrome images but they seem to be produced by fewer and fewer members.

    I would be more inclined to support an idea which would encourage more members to take up Mono and I’m afraid that PDIs probably aren’t the best medium for quality Monochrome. But then I’m biased to prints!




    Tom Seaton

    Yes a great success all round. None of our images scored less than 15 and the killers were the two 20s by Ian and Darren. Leek always run us close and I thought they would just sneak it especially when it came down to scoring the lady phycho. She got 18 and we made it by 2 points!

    Tillman was his usual brilliant self. In depth analysis of technique and creativity, amply and convincingly justifying the marks he gave every time. He’s in demand a lot and we have to book him early.

    The apprentice projectionists were brilliant with scarcely a blip noticeable.



    Tom Seaton


    Mono is a separate comp. for general subjects so no G or N needs to be on the label. Just number them 1,2,3.

    We rarely need to use the numbers as the total number of prints is usually reasonable for the Judge to handle and comment on.


    Tom Seaton

    I like your picture of ‘Young Woman with White Bag’, Ian. Lovely and crisp, B&W, light and shade, pattern of the bricks, people dotting about as you suggest like a Lowry.

    I like it despite your title which as Dolores says has you immediately hunting for the white bag. I couldn’t find it initially so just concentrated on enjoying the lovely tones and the patterns.  Great.


Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)