Our season of competitions started with what we call a PDI competition where the photographs are projected onto a screen rather than printed. They are the same type of image that you see on your phone but blown up to 2 metres across – very impressive!

We had a bit of a hiccup in that the scheduled judge was unable to make it but we had a few days notice and Cy Newton kindly accepted our invitation to do the job instead.

The quality of the work was very good and we also had three members entering for the first time and two others returning to competitions so a better mix than ever. Add to that mix a step up in standard from a number of our regulars and you had something better than even Nigella could cook up!

It all augers well for an exciting season. Thanks Cy for stepping in at short notice and doing a good job for us.

Cy picked the images seen above as his winners in the three sections; Stephen Coyne’s Black Kite in Flight (Nature), Peter Robinson’s Discovery (General) and, also from Stephen, John Ford Point (Mono)