1. What sort of camera do I need to have to join the society?

None. In getting good shots the photographer matters far more than the gear they have and you can get good results from a very inexpensive camera (and you will not injure yourself lugging loads of gear about!).

2. Do I have to enter competitions?

No. About 2/3 of our members do and you can learn a lot by doing so.

3. I need help with all these buttons on my new camera.

Yes, we all feel intimidated by those buttons and menus but they are easily overcome and you can be concentrating on what really matters in photography in no time. We should add that camera clubs can’t provide detailed tuition but there are plenty of courses we can guide you to if you really think you need them. Your fellow members can provide lots of advice too, if you ask.

4. Photographic Society sounds very posh. I don’t think I’ll fit in.

Don’t worry –  we pride ourselves in being friendly and we have a great mix of people.

5. What are the meetings like?

We have a natter, then some announcements and then a speaker or … well, look at the programme. The best way to really find out is to just come to a meeting! All we ask is that you pay the £2 like everyone else and then decide after your third go whether or not to join.

6. As a female photographer I would like to know how many members are women.

About one quarter of our members are women and we look to them for much of our most creative work!

7. What does the term PDI mean?

It stands for Projected Digital Image and it is just the pictures as stored on your camera’s card. People also call them simply Projections. We view them with a digital projector (very impressive!).
If you use Lightroom can find out how to prepare PDIs here

8. What are these FOLIOS mentioned in the Programme?

They are collections of prints and PDIs made from the higher scoring images submitted to the last L&CPU Annual Competition. They represent some of the best club work in the region.

9. Ok, so what is the L&CPU?

It is one of the 15 Photographic Federations serving the UK camera Clubs. The Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union is one of the oldest (1905) and biggest (96 clubs) of the Federations. It serves the Isle of Man as well as Lancashire and Cheshire. It provides an invaluable service to clubs in having  a panel of judges and lecturers who can be invited to the clubs, folios of work to circulate and three major competitions each year, not to mention insurance arrangements and general advice.

10. …and the PAGB?

Through the L&CPU we are affiliated to a national body, the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain which oversees and regulates the Federations and provides an official link with the international body FIAP (Federation Internationale d’Arts Photographique), which is based in Paris.

11. It’s December, can I join for part of a year?

Yes, you can join at any time. After Christmas you can get  roughly pro rata rate, but you will may be offered a whole extra year if you join at full price late in the season.