‘Sparks Drummers’ by Peter Robinson

Judge Nick Berentzen CPAGB BPE2*awarded Peter Robinson’s first place in the Mono section of our second PDI competition. Nick appreciated the difficulty in photographing a moving subject in low light. He liked the atmosphere created by the low angled artificial light and the compression effect of a 105mm focal length. What he didn’t know was how cold it was! The lights are in the drums and while it looks quite bright it needed an ISO of 12,800 to achieve an exposure of 1/160 at f5.6. So the photo needed some post-production work to reduce the noise in the shadows which loses some details, but at least you get a picture.

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Here are the images that judge Nick Berentzen CPAGB BPE2* awarded 18 and over marks to in our second PDI competitoin.

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