Stephen Lewis ( presented us with one of the most interesting evenings we have experienced at CPS.

He simply talked about his photographs of Iceland but he conveyed brilliantly well the deeply considered way he approached photography. His pictures were pre- planned, pre-visualised to some degree but often he had come across things which he used to make his pictures. His pictures were arrangements of shapes, textures. tones. He started in close, rather than looking at a whole scene (looking for vistas, in the writer’s opinion, is one of the big mistakes in landscape photography). He studied his subject for a long time before setting up his camera.

Edward Weston said something to the effect that compositional rules come from good photographs and not the reverse. Stephen bore this out. It is the arrangement of shapes, texture, tones in your pictures – in a comprehensible or pleasing way.

The evening was such a breath of fresh air, a blessed relief from the doctrine that we all go for the approach that begs favour from those who take a surface view of works.

The travel company that Stephen mentioned is only just down the road, in Woore.