This evening’s talk, by Alan Angel FRPS, was entitled ‘Black and White – Pure Delight’, and indeed it was. Alan entertained us to a lively and witty presentation of a great variety of his finely-crafted monochrome photographs. He began with the work he did for his ARPS and FRPS panels: striking one-light portraits, taken in Manchester gyms, of boxers and weight-lifters, in which the lighting modelled the muscular, rugged forms of men in elegantly simple diamond-shaped or triangular compositions.

Other portraits followed, all beautifully photographed and printed using film and traditional darkroom techniques, and similarly lit with a restrained and effective single light from a reflective umbrella, sometimes mixed with ambient light by ‘dragging the shutter’ (lowering the shutter speed). Alan then showed us monochrome landscapes, architectural photographs and cathedral interiors, and more portraits, all executed and printed with consummate skill.

To finish, there were several photographs of a Manchester football ground, and portraits of the retired members of one of its historic teams in their homes. By the end of the very enjoyable evening some of us had begun to suspect that Alan might possibly be a Man City supporter.