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March’s Theme is Kitchens

Have you ever thought just how photogenic your kitchen can be? You can take a wide variety of photographic styles there. Still lifes, macro photography, property photography, patterns, food photography and lifestyle. They’re just a few ideas for you to challenge yourself. So if you have the appetite for some creative photography conjure up a […]

February’s Monthly Theme – Curves

Hello Members, Your assignment for the month of February is to look for curves and make them work for  you in your composition. We are all surrounded by curves so you don’t have to go far. The trick is to spot them and use them to construct your image. They don’t have to be a […]

December Theme – Still Life

I hope our recent open meeting where we had a look at table top photography has given you an appetite for experimenting further with the topic. Getting started in Still Life Photography is easy as all you need is your camera,  a subject and a table by a window. The key to successful still life […]

November’s Monthly is Autumn Colours

Autumn is a beautiful time of year when the trees turn golden and vibrant especially when ignited by a sinking sun. It’s a great season to get creative and experiments with different techniques. Slow shutter speeds can make flicker leaves look like fire and a wide angle lens can stretch a huge oak. Or why […]

The L&CPU’s Big Day and Novice Cup

On Sunday Carl Sumner and I attended the L&CPU’s Big Day and Novice Cup event in Eccles we enjoyed listening to four talented photographers who had achieved a CPAGB or higher. We also submitted our clubs entry of 6 monochrome and 6 colour A4 prints. There was a strong entry of mixed subjects and quality, […]

October’s Monthly Theme is Street Photog

The Monthly Theme for October is Street Photography. It’s a subject that is accessible to everyone and can be accomplished with a wide variety of equipment. Many successful street photographers find a suitable location without many distractions and wait for their subject to appear in their composition.  As Street Photography isn’t set up more natural […]

September’s Monthly Theme is Camera Phon

Wow it’s September already! It’s less than a week to the first meeting of our brand new season. With that in mind this month’s theme is one that some members have requested and easy for most of us can partake in. To show the world that CPS members are forward thinking and keen to keep […]

August’s Monthly Theme – Magic Moments

Cameras are better than any other device at capturing magic moments. We have all reviewed our photographs and noticed elements that we didn’t see at the time. Magic moments come and go in all walks of life. Sport, nature, street scenes, even a dripping water can produce a special moment. Please have a look at […]

Under 16 Steampunk Photographic Competit...

13 year old Rosie Warburton won the ‘Under 16’ category of our Steampunk Competition with her imaginative image of the Municipal Buildings photographed through her steampunk goggles. The judges were impressed with her creative approach and composition. Rosie was unable to attend the main prizing event at the Municipal Buildings in June and so was […]

July’s Monthly theme – ‘Break the Rules’

We’ve all been taught how we should construct a picture, but this can make our photography predictable and even stagnate. If we want to progress our photography I think we should experiment more by breaking the predefined rules. Just try out new angles and composition, then post your photo on our forum and see what […]

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