15 December was our last 2016 Meeting and we had presentations from Meg and Peter Robinson to enjoy before our usual “Office Party”.

Peter had two AVs to show us – one about Blist’s Hill Victorian Village and one of a journey along the famous Route 66. The former especially was really excellent; really well scripted, dozens of super shots, well edited and very detailed with coverage of every part of the now quite extensive museum area. It had me planning my next visit – I had missed so much! (Not a single tourist/visitor in any of the shots by the way!). Route 66 was inevitably full of the razzmatazz which is Route 66 but the diversion to the Grand Canyon provided respite. This was more of a slideshow – but what slides! Peter is an adventurous photographer, constantly looking for the new angle (he inevitably uses a wide-angle quite a bit) and new compositions. The show was full of exciting shots, some of which we have seen as competition entries.

I am sure Meg felt a little trepidation following that! She need not have worried; she gave us the back-story on a collection of her competition entries and her candour and engaging Scottish accent commanded close attention and  left us wanting more!

We should reflect on what excellent presentations we have had from members this year. Of course we enjoy and learn from our visitors’ talks but it is especially interesting and useful to know what our own colleagues get up to with their photography.

The following Christmas party was our usual buffet but many were hearing what a great evening MCCC had had at their club dinner the night before. Some mused that we might do the same but remember that next year we will be having our 70th birthday celebration dinner and, since it will be near Christmas, we might combine the two!

We now have a break until 5 January when we start 2017 with “From Delhi to Kathmandu” with Stephen and Judith Coyne.