Screenshot 2016-04-29 20.32.47webThe Roaches Workshop

Recently Paul Hill led a group of members on a visit to the Roaches in Staffordshire for a landscape workshop. This evening we saw a slideshow which Peter Robinson had compiled of some of the photographs taken. It was beautifully done, showing off the variety and quality of the work while illustrating Paul’s talk about the event. Paul is a natural teacher and Ray, Kath, Peter, Martin, Meg and Keith who went with him enjoyed it immensely whilst learning about handling the evening lighting, composition and the use of neutral density filters. It is hoped to run another event in the autumn and after seeing tonight’s pictures I’m sure Paul will have even more takers next time.  (You can read an earlier post here)

Film Making

We are very proud to have a newly qualified young film maker as a member. Morgan Griffith is now freelance and he gave us a sneak preview of his entry in the current Rode competition. It was beautifully shot; demonstrating all those camera-handling techniques which we take for granted as viewers but which have to be very carefully worked out and executed. There was an imaginative sound-track too with a melding of natural sound and a minimalist piano track. The action was beautifully paced and the story line intriguing. A very professional piece of work (but then he is now a professional!) and we wish him the very best with it.

The other item for the evening was a demonstration of how we might cope with the new 1600 x 1200px format for PDIs. This will be the subject of a further news item.

The evening finished with some light refreshments. And so a very successful season ended, a season with many regional and national triumphs which you have had reported on this site as they have happened. They are summarised in the in the competition secretary’s report. More importantly we can celebrate the achievements of our members too, our wider success of course being due to the quality of the work which they are doing. Here’s to next season.(Awards report)