Hello CPS Members,

I’ve chosen Architecture as the Monthly Theme for March with the redevelopment of Crewe town centre in mind. As it’s due to be demolished later in the year now is a good time to record a valuable part of Crewe’s history. The challenge is not to just take a record of the buildings, but to show how it’s part of the community. How do the buildings we see and use relate to people that use them? Can you achieve that through your photography.

Of course this doesn’t mean you just need to focus on Crewe town centre. The theme is open to all architecture, new and old. It’s how you photograph it that’s important. There’s a lot more to it than just documenting the building. Consider the lighting angle and environment. A big problem with photographing builds is their shape. They rarely fit comfortably into the format of most camera view finders. It’s too easy to encounter converging verticals or long low buildings that are a sliver in the frame.  How would you handle that? Would crop it to a letter box format or have a large foreground or sky? Would you get up close and use a wide angle lens?

Think about what you want to say about the subject do you want to emphasise it’s old character or modern facade?  The lens and angle you choose can have a big bearing on that. I like to get in close twisting a wide angle lens for some wacky results. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea though. It’s a personal thing.  Just take a picture that pleases you and them share it with fellow members.