What a great evening! We had three excellent contributions, the first explains the rather weird looking picture above. It is an anaglyphic 3D image which you view with glasses which have a red filter as the left lens and a cyan filter as the right. I am sure most readers will be familiar with the idea but in Ken Last’s presentation he showed us how easily these images can be created just with one ordinary camera. In trying out the technique before the night I was astonished how easy it was! The biggest secret is a wonderful piece of free software called Stereophotomaker. You simply take a shot. move a little to the right (keeping things reasonably level) and take another, the software will then align, tint and combine the images into one like the sample above. Viewed with red and cyan glasses the results will astonish, the plane nose seems to loom out over you.

We then moved on the some AV presentations by Ralph Browes. We all know that Ralph is a keen walker but his 3 AVs included a surprise; the British Grand Prix! Alpine views and, nearer home, the Pennines, were the main subjects and how those European shots with colorful wildlife and sky-scraping, jagged white peaks made you really want to be there!

Finally Wallace told us about his experiences photographing gymnastics. Gymnastics is not something that Wallace particularly follows but he thought it would make an interesting subject to photograph. The story of gaining permission to shoot at a major event was really surprising – they were so accommodating! They did, however, have very strict rules about where he could and could not go in the arena – but the rules seemed to me to be perfectly reasonable and Wallace got some good shots. Like all subjects you have a lot top learn at first but the event ran over several days so he was able to plan better as time went on.

Thanks very much you three for a very interesting and entertaining evening.