When Paul kindly offered members of CPS a landscape workshop on the Roaches several of of immediately jumped at the chance. We were rewarded with and enjoyable and education evening during the golden hour. At ‘base camp’ Paul explained what to look out for compositionally when finding a suitable landscape. He also taught us about the quality of light explaining why landscapes can look better in monochrome. He then prepared¬† us technically by giving us a sun direction/rising and setting times. He told us why he prefers to use manual exposure settings and he explained how graduated and neutral density filers can be used to handle contrast and take long exposure photographs for dramatic effects.¬† We all got some quality images as the evening progressed and the light quality improved. The only disappointment was the sunset fizzled out into a whimper.

Paul illustrated why he’s so successful in his landscape photography as he knows his subject well and carefully plans his shots. If he ever wants to change his career he’d make a naturally landscape photography tutor. Some sample photos are to follow soon.