One of the advantages of being a member of Crewe Photographic Society is that members share useful information and events. So when Ken mentioned that there was a ‘Run or Dye’ event coming up at Chomondeley Castle, I added it to the Forum’s ‘Event’s thread so everyone would see it.
I soon discovered that it was a 5K fun run where the competitors were showered in coloured powder from all angles. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea at first as I didn’t want any powder getting in my camera. In the end I decided to risk it and keep my distance.
Perhaps because it was on a Saturday morning only Meg and I from the club braved the powder. Indeed there were relatively few spectators. The competitors were given a kit of bags of powder, war paint and a tee-shirt so they could prepare for battle. The race was started in three staggered starts which gave us more photo opportunities. It quickly became obvious how risky it could be as we were lost in a dense fog of green powder. It got everywhere and we were constantly cleaning our cameras. Fortunately they still worked OK and we managed to get some decent shots. It was quite a bright morning so we didn’t have a problem freezing the action. I just left my camera set to aperture priority f6.7 and it seemed quite happy.
When the racers finished they were ushered to a stage where they were drowned in more powder. More risky photo opportunities of crazy folks having a great time.