I’d just like to give members and friends of Ron an update of his current condition. Ron has given us many enjoyable and educational evenings with his fascinating talks in his unique style. I phoned Ron recently and spoke to him for about half an hour. As you may know he’s totally blind and can only get around by using his wheelchair. Considering he has painful ulcerated legs he sounds good spirits and can still tell a good joke. One joke he told me was when he played blind mans buff and won three times and then got disqualified for not wearing a blind fold. His mind is still very active especially considering he’s 96 in a couple of weeks. He was asking me about what’s going on at the club and who won the Ron Smith Trophy and I told him about the Lifestyle Centre. He asked me how his many friends at the club were getting on and he would like them to contact him as he said he doesn’t hear from many people now.
If you want to phone him for a chat please contact me or John for his phone number.