Welcome to the new and improved Crewe PS website. You will find all of the information that the old site provided plus a number of added features, including:-

  • A cleaner and more modern look and feel.
  • Member Profiles and Galleries – Learn more about your fellow members and see collections of their photographs.
  • Messaging – Members can keep in touch with one another via the site.
  • A new forum for questions and discussions about Crewe PS and photography generally.

Have a look at the Crewe PS “Meet The Members” Gallery as an example of the sort of thing our new site lets us do easily. And keep an eye on the Latest News section for up-to-date news on what’s happening with Crewe PS.

(Club members will shortly be able to create a profile to use galleries and forums fully. But we are still working on this part of the site, so we’ll let you know when it’s activated.)

We hope you enjoy using the site. Please add any suggestions you have about the site to the Crewe PS website topic in the Forum.