This popular competition was supported by 39 clubs this year, which meant that only the first 4 images from each entry were used. The judge, one of my favourites, John Cartlidge, was presented with the 156 images and knocked out about half of them in each round, giving his reasons in each case. So, the longer your work stays in, the better your score.

We lost nothing in the first round, a sign that we stood a good chance of success. The first image to fall was Guitarist by Peter Robinson in round 2, but confidence was growing as the remainder would get at least 9 points and place us in midfield. As it happened we only lost Stephen’s Halong Bay in R3. Dolores’s MP stood until round 5 and Ian’s Cheetah shot stayed in until the penultimate round, gaining us 6 more ponts – we must have done well.

Indeed we had! When the results flashed up we had 5th place, ahead of clubs like Chorley, who have over 100 members and usually lead the field in events like this. Poulton-le-Fylde won, after a tie-break with Southport. Bury and South Manchester were the other two clubs ahead of us.

The full results will be available later.

Thanks to our selection team, lead by Martin Smith, who did a great job; but of course well done to our members who gave them such excellent material to choose from.