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Our judge this year was Rob Millin who holds almost every exhibition based distinction that exists, and to the highest level. He was very decisive, dealing quickly with each print; praise first, then a criticism, then a judgement. It fitted the situation perfectly. These were prints on their second outing, and our members choices from their year’s entries. Of course…

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A relaxed style and a peppering of dry humour made John’s talk especially enjoyable. It was always bound to be interesting because we all know that he has an intimate knowledge of Romania, gleaned from numerous visits and inspired by a genuine love of the place. Haunted forest glades, the shock of bears rummaging in suburban rubbish, the inscrutable road…

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This popular competition was supported by 39 clubs this year, which meant that only the first 4 images from each entry were used. The judge, one of my favourites, John Cartlidge, was presented with the 156 images and knocked out about half of them in each round, giving his reasons in each case. So, the longer your work stays in,…

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