Our highest scoring print, from Paul Hill – Windermere Reflection – not first this time but a 19. It had first place in our own competitions and was also -Print of the Year

We always expect keen competition from Nantwich and enjoy seeing their new work. Tonight’s meeting was presided over by Rob Millin. Rob’s list of distinctions is one of the longest in the business and in fact Nantwich had not got them quite up to date; MFIAP, FBPE, EFIAP/p, MPSA, DPAGB, SPSA, GPU Hermes.

Rob tackled the judging very proficiently and it was soon tea-time with the prints done and Nantwich one mark ahead. Would we pull that back with the PDIs? We didn’t have to wait long, Rob was through the PDIs in no time – yet we still had a good look the pictures. I was genuinely surprised by our win, because it felt neck and neck but those 19s, coming thick and fast at the end, were mainly ours and we were 12 marks up for the round! Leaving us winners by 11 points. A super performance against such a strong team.

It was a great success for our selection team too. Martin and Dolores were mainly responsible for this one. Selection is not an exact science but the team are making good use of the data collected from our regional and national entries; all the L&CPU competitions and the Great British Cup = more than most clubs in the federation.

So, hats off to you members for the excellent work and hats off to the selectors for doing such a good job.

The results are now on website now . Paul Hill’s Windermere Reflections was our highest scoring print, with 19 and in the PDIs Ian Whiston’s Cheetah Siblings withMum got the 20 with Stephen Coyne’s Halong Bay Scene, Ray Hill’s No Bones Broken, Wallace Baxter’s Jamie Lewis on Pommel Horse and Paul Hill’s Kelly Hall Tarn all got 19 – little wonder we finished so strongly!

Although we enjoy everything associated with the competitive aspect of these meetings the real value is in the opportunity to meet our friends from the other club and see their latest work.

One member of ours remarked that it would have been good to have viewed the images again with the authors name displayed. It is easy for the organisers to forget that most of the audience have no scoresheet and often don’t even know which club a particular image is from. There seems to be a trend against reading out at least the club name after each image has been marked, why this is I do not know.

Best PDI: Ian’s Cheetah Siblings with Mum