The print entry

On Saturday 11 May our prints were taken to join the rest of the entry for the L&CPU A I C. Pictured are most of the boxes after being emptied for the sorting of the prints. The judging of them takes place next weekend.

This year club members could make their own entries via the L&CPU Portal. They will be able to view their scores after the judging too. They met with one or two small problems but it worked well on the whole. Members were able to see part of what is now almost complete computer control of L&CPU administration and is such a boon. Those who visited the Club Annual in March saw the system in action, faultlessly receiving and recording results, even reading the titles. The coding of all this is the work of L&CPU General Secretary, Adrian Lines.

Crewe members entered 23 prints and 63 PDIs. The entry can be seen at Resources>Results and, after next weekend, the scores will be on there too. Last year we had 2 prints kept for the exhibition, 3 for the folios and a third place plus a commendation for Ian Whiston, whose work also went to the PAGB Inter-Federation Competition.

The competition has a rather clumsy title and you may wonder why it isn’t simply called Members Competition. The reason is that individual people are not members of the L&CPU, their clubs are.