The Robertshaw is a PDI competition between 5 local clubs; ourselves, Leek PC, Blythe Bridge CC, Holmes Chapel and Macclesfield. Martin Smith sent this note following the 2019 event last night…

“We achieved a respectable third place in the Robertshaw, the same as last year.


1st – Leek  – 212 (8 held back), 2nd – Blythe Bridge – 209 (8 held back), 3rd – Crewe – 207 (6 held back), 4th – Macclesfield – 206 (6 held back), 5th – Holmes Chapel – 191 (3 held back)


Our image scores:


20 Cheetah Siblings with Mum (Ian Whiston)  20 Parallel Bars (Wallace Baxter) 18 Fishing Heron (Ian Whiston) 18 No Bones Broken (Ray Hill) 18 Vega Terron View (Stephen Coyne) 17 Alert Spaniel (Paul Hill) 17 Windermere Reflection (Paul Hill) 16 MP (Dolores Williams) 16 Muscular Mike (Peter Robinson) 16 The Last Pass (Peter Bainbridge) 16 Special Detective (Kath Hill) 15 Wet (Dolores Williams)


The judge had a lot to say but very little criticism about any, so the smallest fault was critical. Hardly any of ours where faulted at all so it was down to subject, content and personal preference.

He awarded four images with a 20 and two of them were ours.

There was a very high percentage (30%) of very good nature images so our only two from Ian had much to compete with.

I would add that Leek PC are a large and successful club, whilst Blythe Bridge are riding high at the moment too, so this ia a very respectable result and Martin and his team did a very good job of selecting and managing the entry – well done! We will put the scoresheets up when we get them from Macclesfield CC – JR