The last meeting of the year, next Thursday, will be a time for some Christmas cheer as we enjoy some food together but it is also a time for looking back. A look back at our achievements over the year but this year we will, of course, also be remembering Mick Roberts and Howard Edwards who we lost quite recently and Ron Reade not too long before. These were all people who contributed a lot to the club over a very long period of time. There is already a Ron Reade cup and we will have a Howard Edwards Trophy this year awarded for the best PDI Portrait. Perhaps we can find some way of commemorating Mick Roberts too.

We viewed the L&CPU Folio gloriously titled “Nature and Illustrative” last night. A wonderful collection, very largely nature and accompanied by PDIs of the prints. Perhaps a time to thank Jon Allanson, who has been responsible for the L&CPU Folios for some years but retired from the Executive Committee of the L&CPU last year. He still helped in preparing this year’s folios, something which the new Folio Secretary, Bill Edwards, is very grateful for.

We looked finally at part of the Great British Cup Nature PDIs. We were stunned by the quality. We will be entering the Great British Cup again this year and, while expressing gratitude to people let us say “thank-you” to Rod Wheelans and Libby Smith who organise this event, now perhaps the Worlds biggest club photography competition. Rod started it all with the idea of making it as inclusive as possible, that is why there is a “Small Clubs” section. A couple of years back he introduced the Nature section which has awards for individual workers – one of our members, Ian Whiston, gained the highest award! As we watched the show I was reminded that this year they made a number of awards for different categories – all part of srpeading things as far as possible. Yes, we have many reasons for knowing the name Rod Wheelans; he organises the PAGB Club Print Championships and is chief adjudicator for the PAGB awards. Surely a hero of Club Photography?