We are entering a very busy period of the season. During the next few weeks we have the North Chesire Challenges, where we have a full entry. We have our last Print League Competition too but what is concerning us is how to fit in an entry into the new L&CPU Club Competitions where entries are due by February 23rd. With PDIs there is no problem – all images are readily available but prints are a different matter and we have recalled all the successful prints of the season. Judging by the full boxes at the end of last night’s meeting members have responded very well and we do thank you for that.


There is something special about visiting an exhibition. We are literally bombarded with images every second of our waking lives and even great photographs and paintings are sometimes only glimpsed briefly. The exhibition environment can provide the perfect atmosphere for proper study and appreciation. Unfortunately may photo exhibitions are over-crowded but still the effort you make to get there and the circumstances should be special.

Every year the L&CPU put on an exhibition of a selection of prints that have been entered for the annual competition. It takes many hours of selection, preparation and hanging of the prints (not to mention the long job of finding exhibition space in the first instance) to mount an exhibition. Yet relatively few people visit the exhibition. They are missing something important.

If you get a chance to visit an exhibition; go. There are several listed on the EVENTS page of the L&CPU website http://www.lcpu.org/lcpu/events.php. The next L&CU one will not be until the summer but there is plenty to see to nourish you right now. The Chambre-Hardman one at the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool is on my list. The prints will be displayed in optimal conditions – light, quiet, airy, well-spaced, allowing time to enjoy each one to the full. Expectations will be high because I know his work and as I leave, for a time at least, they will be the best photos I have ever seen.

Nantwich CC’s Exhibition at the Museum in Pillory St inevitably can’t quite achieve these high ideals. The pictures are unframed and crowded – but that is the way things have to be as everyone deserves a place in there. Nontheless, go, look carefully and enjoy!

You might also like to BE in an exhibition. Why not try some entries in the Keele Three-Counties that I mentioned before? £12 entry prizes of £250, £150 etc. “The best exhibition outside London” – Mile Maloney.

See http://www.keele.ac.uk/artgallery/ for details and entry form.

Go on, make an exhibition of yourself!