We asked Paul Hill  to tell us something about taking and processing his Print of the Year, Afon Lloer and he sent us this excellent account…..

My photo was taken in March last year when I spent the weekend in Snowdonia. The weather forecast was terrible for most of the weekend (heavy rain) apart from the Saturday morning when I had a ‘window’ of dry weather till about 11am.
I arrived at Llyn Ogwen to get a photo of the boathouse (entered into the mono print league this year) then headed to the location marked with a red spot on the map below to get a photo of the mighty Tryfan mountain and the adjacent mountain range using river Afon LLoer as a lead-in to take your eye towards the mountains. This footpath leads up to a small lake (Ffynnon Lloer) but I didn’t get that far because shortly after getting this shot the rain moved in and it rained for the rest of the day.
The image was shot with my Fuji XT1 and the Samyang 12mm F2 manual focus lens probably at F11 (LR can’t display the aperture and focal length) with a 2.5s exposure. I took a number of images with various shutter-speeds but preferred the one with the milky-water.
I used a hard neutral density graduated filter (not sure which one) to hold back the brighter sky and emphasise the dark clouds. I also used a 0.9 (3 stop) and a 1.2 (4 stop) neutral density filter to reduce the shutter speed from 1/60s to 2.5s
I processed the RAW image in LR but didn’t do much to the image, I just needed to tweak the colour balance because there is usually a colour shift when using strong ND filters or when using cheaper filters. My 1.2 ND filter especially causes a noticeable colour shift.
On the Sunday it snowed heavily so I headed to Cwmorthin Quarry, where I got the other image that has done well this season, so I’m glad I didn’t cancel the weekend trip when I saw the forecast.