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Who was Chambré-Hardman?

This photograph, showing the Ark Royal being constructed in Liverpool, is one of the best known works of Chambré-Hardman (1898- 1988). The story goes that he had planned to take this view for quite a while and then, one day, he realised that they were painting the ship and it was going to stand out […]

Nature and Mono Print Annual Winners

We also asked Bob Brown and John Royle to comment on their section winning prints, firstly Bob The Waxwing was taken on the 29/12/2016 at Llandudno, B&Q car park. This was my third attempt in North Wales, in different areas. In the previous two attempts I had views of the Waxwings, unfortunately too distant to photograph. […]

Afon Lloer – Paul Hill BPE

We asked Paul Hill  to tell us something about taking and processing his Print of the Year, Afon Lloer and he sent us this excellent account….. My photo was taken in March last year when I spent the weekend in Snowdonia. The weather forecast was terrible for most of the weekend (heavy rain) apart from […]

Janey Devine FRPS Exhibition

We called in at the exhibition at the Middleport Pottery in Burslem yesterday to have a look at Janey Devine’s exhibition “Our Heritage, Your Future”. Janey comes from Southampton and is a member of the Focus Group. There are a small number of beautifully presented photos capturing the remnants of the Potteries’ past and a […]

Exploring the Forum

The above photograph is by Martin Munkácsi. It was taken in 1929 or 1930, and has long been known as “Three Boys at Lake Tanganyika”. Cartier-Bresson said it was the only photograph that influenced him: “In 1932, I saw a photograph by Martin Munkácsi of three black children running into the sea… [it] made me […]

An evening with Mike Lane

A dedicated wildlife photographer for forty years, Mike Lane FRPS is someone most of you will know. He was telling SECOS (South-East Cheshire Ornithological Society, founded by two Crewe PS members) last night that he now has access to the largest private woodland in England. Felix Dennis was the country’s richest man and was dedicated […]

Oliver Wright

We had the pleasure of listening to Oliver Wright speak at the Birdfair in Rutland this week. It would be hard to imagine anyone more helpful than Oliver and he was quite happy to extend his talk into a demonstration afterwards. I think we were all most interested in focus-stacking, and Oliver has become a […]


ARK is a collection of sculptures installed in Chester Cathedral until 15 October. There are some 90 works from 50 different artists including some of the leading figures; Barbara Hepworth, Elisabeth Frink, Eduardo Paolozzi, Antony Gormley, Did you know David Bailey was a sculptor? This is a very enjoyable collection, dotted around the entire cathedral, which […]

Two Exhibitions: Fay Godwin & RPS Member

Seaside groynes look like people or intertwine, new with old. The sinuous branches of glenside trees shine and mingle with the many mountainside torrents. A piece of plastic flaps, trapped in barbed wire, echoing the shape of a white horse which gazes out (one imagines forlornly) on a new motorway construction. Misty flowers and leaves make abstract […]

1600 and all that!

I earlier reported that the L&CPU are following the PAGB lead in requiring 1600 x 1200 PDIs from July. I now find that the L&CPU will require 1600 x 1200 PDIs for the Club Annual in MARCH. The problem the L&CPU will have is that the 2017 PAGB Inter-Federation Competitions will presumably ask for 1600s (although the entry […]