We called in at the exhibition at the Middleport Pottery in Burslem yesterday to have a look at Janey Devine’s exhibition “Our Heritage, Your Future”.

Janey comes from Southampton and is a member of the Focus Group. There are a small number of beautifully presented photos capturing the remnants of the Potteries’ past and a short video also features her pictures and has an optimistic tone about the City of Culture bid. There are a few of Janey’s more abstract works for sale.

It finishes on 22 October and, whilst admission to the Museum is £3 or £4 the exhibition is in a separate building and is free.

Janey is running an excursion on 14 October – see front page.

There was a book on display showing the work of the Focus Group – one member told of his work with old printing processes in the darkroom and how he had worked hard to reproduce them now digitally. He had a number of interesting projects too including travels though Italy.