Alsager CC have their venue at a Golf Clubhouse which has no course. Whether this means it is a permanent

 19th hole we didn’t stop to ask as we piled into the end room to start proceedings. Alsager now sport a beautiful new print stand and (causing even more envy) a new full HD plus projector. These bits of gear ensured that the battling prints and projections were seen at their best. Daryl Giles CPAGB was the judge and he brought along another judge and lecturer Sheila Davies – shortly to become Mrs Giles! Congratulations to them – you could not find a more likeable couple. Likeable or not Daryl dished out some quite low marks which always causes consternation in a competition like this because a 14 is hard to make up for. It was all I could do to stop my Fitbit calling for medical assistance at times!

30 Projections and 30 prints later and Alsager had victory by 7 marks. They are now a very competitive club, having been invited to take part in the PAGB Championships this year, so we did well to get so close to them.

At half time all the top  prints were on display and two of ours, Ray’s Red Deer and Tom’s Arcade drew a lot of admiration, although they were both pipped by Geoff’s Reader’s excellent portrait for the best print award.