02_Has-he-noticed-me_John-RoylesmWe expected our competition with Alsager CC this year to be a hotly contested affair and it certainly was, with lots of excellent work on show.

You are in an invidious position praising the judge when you are on the winning side but Graham Johnston ARPS AFIAP did an excellent job of assessing the images and ordinating them – not an easy task by any means.

We actually started with the prints, despite what the results say and Alsager took a 10 point lead. It was very exciting stuff but I knew we had three multi-medal winning natural history pictures in the PDIs to come, not to mention excellent landscape work, so I was hopeful of at least making the gap smaller!

As it happened Graham did like the Nature shots and the landscapes but in the end selected the mono picture shown “Has He Noticed Me?” as his one 20/20 image.

I took the picture at the club trip to Tutbury Castle which has already been mentioned on these pages. Fortunately since it was a photographers day the re-enactors were happy to take a bit of directing so I asked the lady to just look over her shoulder and there was the picture. The white headdress presented some problems in processing but Lightroom is very good at pulling back the whites. A little burning to repress some other areas that I didn’t want the viewer to particularly notice, adding a vignette and then a bit of sepia toning finished off what was a straight shot.