mono_1_-arcade_tom-seaton-webTom Seaton’s winning mono print in our first print competition shows how photography can make the best of the world – pointing the other way the scene would have been full of people! Anyway, as John Berger said in an interview yesterday, that is something to think about for a long time, no more from me on that matter, well, here at least.

It has been said before here that we always look forward to seeing Tom Seaton’s entries in our competitions but last night (20 Oct)  he excelled himself with two section
wins and a further 3rd place! Above is the beautifully serene Arcade, which won the monochrome section. Tom has plied a straight furrow to perfection, he has always
been attracted by architectural features, especially in mono. His eye unfailingly picks out form and his prints render them perfectly. GALLERY for PRINT 1 2017

This print possesses something which I notice many mono entries in national competitions seem to lack and that is a semblance to the great, revered mono images of the past in its surface qualities. It is a  look which many of us still to strive for, as opposed to the in-your-face edginess which would surely have ruined this picture.