Meeting 10 September – L&CPU Folio (South B) and Open Evening

This week the first L&CPU Folio of the year was ours to view. Since there was no exhibition this year the folios are the only opportunity of getting a close view of the regions best prints. The selection had to be made from the smaller Club Annual too, meaning a narrower range and more representations from each club (we have nearly 20!).

We took the opportunity of the really close look at the prints and took it in turns commenting on selected. It was an interesting, involving and at time hilarious exercise!

The last 45minutes was spent on illustrating our web presence; John, Ian, Peter, Sharon and Paul talked about and explained their bits of the website, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. A great deal of time is being spent on these resources; offering members a perhaps unique combination of advice, discussion, club information and opportunities as well as a route to exploring photography.