Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday for our first meeting of our brand new season. Take a look at the programme on our website to see what we’ve got lined up this season.

We’ve recently received a complementary email from an organisation called the Bright Country Mentors who help children progress into adulthood. They run a junior photo club and have used our website’s links page to research photograph and found it very useful.  One of their students has created a webpage full of links to sites on architecture and they’ve shared it with us in gratitude for our information. To see the link visit September’s Monthly theme header.

I’ve used this as a basis for Septembers Monthly theme of architecture. One of the main photographic and easily accessible themes that can be photographed in so many different ways. As amateurs we are not restricted to the constraints a professional photographer would have to adhere to. So here’s your change to get creative and enjoy experimenting with some wacky angles different focal lengths. Share your images with other members on our websites forum.

Best Regards,