Hello Everyone,

I’d just like to inform you of a couple of opportunities for Crewe Photographic Society members.

Firstly, I’ve provisionally booked exclusive access for our members to the picturesque Dorothy Clive Gardens on Saturday 10th. August between 6pm and 8:30pm. It will cost £8:50 and include a brew. Only our members will be there so we can photographic it at leisure without and public walking into  our photos. At the moment 3 people can’t make it and 3 can so it would be good if more members would let me know if they’re interested as soon as possible so I can let the Gardens know.

The second item is also exclusive to CPS members. For the whole of the brand new month of August our Monthly Theme is ‘In Focus’. This gives you the chance to practice fine tuning your photographs to emphasize the main subject. This can be a very effective way of improving your photography to make your images stand out. I’ve found some excellent advice on the subject at some websites. Check out the links on the Monthly Theme post in the Forum.

Good Shooting,