At our Annual General Meeting this Thursday the proposal was tabled that we have a completely separate Nature section in our print league competitions and in our Annual. This will mean that members may enter up to 9 prints in each League Competition; 3 Open Colour 3 Nature and 3 Monochrome. The motion was passed. The new committee was named with no election necessary. We learned that the Library room will be available for next season.

Chairman's-Choice-Tom-SeatonwebThe chairman’s report and his report as competition secretary and the names of the new committee for 2015-16 will be published soon.

The awards will be made next week at our final meeting of the season but one award was announced tonight, that of Chairman’s Choice. This special award has been made annually since 2008 and in goes to just one person each year; someone whose special contribution to the club in terms of service or someone whose work the Chairman would like to honour. This year the recipient fitted both descriptors. It was Tom Seaton, our secretary, whose long service in that role has been a major factor in the smooth running of the club and its stability. His wisdom and knowledge are an anchor point which we all value greatly. Moreover, he consistently produces work (prints especially) which is exemplary in its simplicity and courageous in ignoring any conventions – he does them for his own satisfaction and not just to be competitive and they are greatly admired by us all. The Chairman said that when he joined the club it was Tom’s work that he sought to emulate in its quality and individuality.