Judge Conor Molloy ARPS CPAGB presents the trophy to our treasurer Sharon Barton.

Both clubs had submitted a  superb set of images and our victory was a narrow one of 10 marks (507 to 517). At half-time after the prints had been judged, we had a lead of just 3 marks. Could we hold that lead with 30 projections to go? When we had more photos held back for the higher awards than Alsager there was always a chance that things would turn out in our favour – and they did.

But a victory is not all that it is about; it is such a delight to have our friends from Alsager over to see what sort of work they are doing at present. We also had the pleasure of seeing one of our members, Ralph Browes, get the best image in both the projections and prints. One of those photos is our Image of the Week.

All credit to the Crewe team for putting on a great show. Sharon operated the computer and projector absolutely faultlessly (she stepped into the job at the last minute). Dave Lucas helped with print presentation with his usual consummate skill.

Thanks also to my fellow selectors;Dave Barton, Dolores Williams and Ian Whiston and, of course all those members whose superlative work gave us the edge over our talented friends.

It seemed fitting to ask Sharon to accept the trophy on our behalf.

But what of next year?