The great thing about these club “battles”, as we used to call them, is that you get to see the latest work that your friends down the road are doing. With many established and talented workers Nantwich CC have always come up with some great work and tonight was no exception. Now that we have simultaneous projection for the prints and we were hosting the event I got to see everything beforehand and it was clearly going to be a closely contested but interesting evening.

What made it more so was some sure-fire judging by Adrian Lines MPAGB FBPE EFIAP ARPS. He was delayed by the Easter traffic but still there was no doubt that he would get through our 60 offerings with time to spare. His expert knowledge of the things to watch in taking and in processing your images, if you want them to win club competitions, was greatly appreciated by the members.

Nantwich led at half-time after the prints had been judged but Crewe pulled ahead on the PDIs finishing 8 points up on Nantwich. That is close, as might be expected with two clubs so closely matched.

We look forward to meeting Nantwich again at the Five Towns Competition in September and, of course, in a year’s time for a return match of tonight’s competition.

The results are here.