We got off to a flying start with our competitions with 89 super images to look at with our state-of-the-art projector. Wonderful variety as usual from our members and a great contribution from new members Vicky and Peter, who managed to walk off with 2 of the 3 section wins! Steve Carr presided and delighted us all with a bright and breezy judging session which was significant for the way he respected the work. Criticism was there to learn from but it was always made with care. Well done Steve.

The variety of work is one of the joys of Crewe PS, and such a fresh, open approach, keeping well away from hackneyed subjects which have hampered club photography in the past. You are always in for surprises at Crewe!

Peter Hrebien won the mono section with a great portrait of a cavalier with his flowing locks, a favourite of mine as I prepared the images for projection. He also scooped first place in the General section with the witty observation which is “I Told You Not To Buy A Black One”, this could be categorised as street photography as were quite a number of entries. The nature section saw a win by Ian Whiston with a beautiful shot of Cheetah and Cubs, an image which was superbly well-prepared as well as well captured (it also, by the way, shows the strength of gesture in a photograph). Peter’s picture is on the front page this week.

Next week we look forward to a visit by a great sports photographer, Robert Millin.