Thursday 9 October saw our own first competition. It was for prints and judged by an old friend of the club, Alan Towse. Alan deserves praise for even turning up because he had to risk “leaves on the line” and the “wrong sort of snow” by coming on the train. To be fair everything went like clockwork, but the timing was tight. Thanks to the many members who pulled together so well to get us started by 7.45pm (real time!). Sharon did very well as projectionist – she seems to remember all the keystrokes for Dicentra very readily – I think she now has a permanent job! The way we have things set up for simultaneous projection (screen overhead of the print stand) works beautifully, the judge can keep his eyes on the print and we can see both images in the same sightline.

Back to the prints, we had a splendid entry, especially in the mono section which amazed Alan in its quality and number! You can see the winners in this gallery. It was good to see the well-established members still able to put in top scoring prints of super quality. Alan showed a preference for pictures which had a narrative element, rather than straight depiction and that does increase interest in a photograph.

Throughout the evening we were entertained with Alan’s little anecdotes from his experience as a professional photographer and I’m sure everyone found the evening very entertaining. Thank you Alan.

The results are here, and as already mentioned, a gallery here. Enjoy.

Our first competition for projections follows hot on the heels of this one, hand in is today and the event takes place on Thursday 23 October. With members now allowed to put in 5 entries rather than 3 it should be a very full evening.

This week we have Garth Tighe and Jon Allanson presenting selections from the L&CPU Archive. Their talk has had glowing reports from other clubs and, with many of us being interested in the history of photography I for one certainly look forward to it.