We had a great selection of prints tonight and the quality can easily be seen in the mark range of 20-15. In most clubs we would have marks down to 12! As I said at the conclusion some of the prints scoring lower marks could easily be put right and re-entered in the annual with greater success (except that the competition will be hotter!)

Thanks to Alan Towse LRPS for an interesting evening.

The results are now posted .

The problems in posting images into Forum entries has now hopefully been solved – see Ian’s post below, just updated.

Next week we have the talk from Ian McNab about Henri Cartier-Bresson’s composition secrets – as a life-long admirer of HCB (together with most other photographers) this is something I’ve been looking forward to since Ian volunteered it. I do hope many of you are tuning in to Ian’s tweets on Twitter. I learned tonight that a relaive of Richard Avedon (Google him!) is now following the tweets from CPS – fame at last!!

The following week  (1st November) is our battle with Alsager hosted by them  but we have an open evening at Crewe where we will reveal all the tricks of the trade (well, some anyway). Did you hear Alan Towse say that this openness is a feature of CPS which you don’t see in every club?

Keep an eye on us on Twitter, we are now followed  by Elizabeth Avedon, no less, a sign of the quality of the posts there. A good practical one this week is from Paul Hill, that you can get free admission to Crich Tramway museum!