At 7.30 we were all assembled in Nantwich CC’s new home and ready to begin. The judge was Gordon Jenkins APAGB so we were assured of a “fair hearing”. The prints were going first. Nantwich’s first print went up – it was a dog portrait by Alma Sankey (“Windblown”) it was beautiful and I thought – we ain’t gonna win this!

Well our prints did put up a good fight but, by half time we were 5 points down and I started to compose my loser’s speech. Well no, I did have great faith that our PDIs would be very hard to beat and we might pull back the 5 points for a tie. And you know what, I would have said “Let’s leave it like that” because the two clubs are so closely matched.

As it happened our medal winners by Ian Whiston, our 15-er from the L&CPU PDI Annual by Darren Carter, the Alphabet by Paul Compton – were all held back and it was clear we had won the PDIs. We had done so by quite a margin though – enough to see us win by 7 points overall.

So Gordon did a good job; Nantwich’s prints were better than ours, our PDIs better than their’s and it was a delight to meet with them again and an even greater delight to win. Let’s see if we can do it again next year. Thanks to our friends at Nantwich, we had 60 great images on view and I’m pleased Gordon had to be the judge, not me!!!

Prints Crewe 264 Nantwich 269
PDIs Crewe 272 Nantwich 260
Totals 536/529

The Results are now posted.