Congratulations to Ian Whiston EFIAP/s DPAGB ABPE on taking the first three places in the nature section of our second PDI competition. Ian specialises in nature photography and has accumulated a large collection of gold medals to prove it. Any of Ian’s three entries could have won, but my personal favourite was ‘Cheetah mum spotting danger’ with 18 marks. Judge Nick Berentzen CPAGB BPE2* was a stickler for clean, unobstructive backgrounds¬† and this photograph ticks all the boxes in that department. Nick also liked the cheetah’s expressions and pose. He appreciated the low gentle lighting that created a fitting atmosphere. He also noted that cub at the back was a little distracting, but the image is so powerful it is well worthy of a top three position.

To date, Ian has gained 961 acceptances and achieved 264 awards from 88 images including many gold medals from 34 different images. To date he has exhibited in 30 countries of the world, achieving awards in 27 of those countries. In 2013 Ian was the PAGB Nature Photographer of the Great British Cup and since 2013 has been the LCPU Nature photographer of the year 5 times. In 2015 he was the Scottish Salon Nature Photographer. Ian is on the PAGB judges list and have been a selector at several federations, national and international exhibitions. In 2015 he was also a Nature selector for both the PAGB GB Cups for PDIs and Prints.

‘Ridge Pride Lions Mating’ by Ian Whiston

‘Gull Forward Posture Display’ by Ian Whiston

‘Cheetah Mum spotting danger’ by Ian Whiston