20150326-_DSF0420-2We always look forward to Jane Lines judging for us. Her knowledge of national and international standards is second-to-none and she is a very successful club photographer herself (having just gained the highest PAGB Award, the MPAGB) and yet she is very kind to us, looking sympathetically at our work and usually making a good job of interpreting what we were trying to do! She has a bright and breezy air too which helps lift the spirits even if you are not an award winner. This is how to judge club competitions!

Ian Whiston won the General section and the Nature too but we were all delighted to see Bill Crichton get his first win with “Winter” in the mono section. Well done to both of you. However the judge has to pick the overall winner from the three section victors and it went to Ian’s “Yellow-Billed Oxpecker Quartet”. Our picture shows Jane presenting the award to Ian – a situation he is getting quite used to now with nearly 100 medal wins in national and international competitions!