Though we would claim to be far from competition driven at Crewe we certainly seem to be in the thick of them at the moment, with the L&CPU Annuals and our own Annuals, not to mention the competition with Sandbach and the North Cheshire Challenges. So, it was such a pleasure to sit back and enjoy John’s excellent collection of AVs. It quickly had be thinking “Why have I got out of the habit of making little sequences to music as I used to”?

John showed us his shots of the Black Country Museum, Iron Man, and then two excellent scripted works; Gettysburg and Elvis Presley. These two were especially well done and have won major awards. We also, during the evening, toured America and then returned back to Hidcote Manor Gardens and Shropshire as the two final sequences. It just so happened that the final sequence ended with some especially beautiful scenes in evening light which rounded off the evening perfectly.

A wonderful tonic for us. You’re very welcome back anytime John!