On Saturday (7 June) 6 members shunned the Football World Cup (England v Sweden) to attend the L&CPU Award Ceremony and the opening of the 2018 exhibition.

We were to receive a certificate for getting third place in the nature section of the L&CPU Club Annuals this year. Of course we were anxious to view the exhibition too.

Peter Robinson’s splendid Posh Chimney Sweep was selected for the exhibition.

After our unofficial viewing we applauded our way through the wards. Ian Whiston received ours for us, appropriate because two of his images contributed a great deal to our successful total.

Chorley and Adrian and Jane Lines practically needed a wheelbarrow to take their awards home. Pictures are just some of their haul.

The stands used for the exhibition were interesting, being an open metal meshwork. It let the light in, and was better for security than solid boards. It was self supporting, with triangular piers at each junction making three sided display areas as well as supports.

The exhibition now continues  until 5 August at Urmston Library , 34 Golden Way,
Urmston,  Manchester,  M41 0NA. Open 9am Mon-Sat, closing at 5pm on Mon, Wed and Fri, 7.30pm Tues and Thur. Closes 4pm on Saturday.

Thanks to Ian Whiston, Paul Hill, Stephen Coyne, Wallace Baxter and Bob Brown for producing the quality work which earned us the award. At present there is a slide show of the winning images on the front page.

England won, as everyone knows!