Full-EntryLCPUKO2013small37 clubs took part in the L&CPU Knock-Out this year. The judge was the excellent Richard Speirs, who took a large scythe to the field and knocked out about 2/3 of the field at the first round. It is unusual to lose even 50% normally and it had the effect of making you feel all was lost as we had only two images to go forward.

Truth is we were doing quite well and our two images; Paul Hill’s Priests’s CoveĀ and Ian Whiston’s Cheetah with Tommie Lamb (both on the left of the picture) remaining made it to the 3rd and the 4th rounds respectively.

So we came 10th, not a bad performance and a higher place than our south Cheshire colleagues Alsager and Holmes Chapel (only just!).

North Cheshire won, with Wigan 10 in second place.

There is a full report on the L&CPU site. A copy of the results is here.